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Skoogmusic : Skwitch

Skoogmusic's follow-up to their flagship Skoog device is an easy to use tactile interface which becomes a musical instrument when attached to any iPhone or iPad. 


Compatible Apple devices come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses and it was critical that the user's experience of locking the Skwitch onto the iPhone/iPad would be easy and accurate every time. Productworks generated a number of concepts for intuitive designs and mechanisms which would accomodate the various sizes whilst minimizing part count and cost. The user simply opens the bright orange flap and inserts the end of her phone into the device. Closing the flap clamps the phone securely and automatically connects the interface to the phone's software. The user can now play music through the flexible rubber button on the Skwitch.

We worked with Skoogmusic to explore multiple concepts and materials through sketch development, prototyping and CAD. Skoogmusic then developed the design for manufacture with Far East partners.

Launched October 2018

Skwitch kids.JPG
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