Ewgeco : energy monitor

Ken McCorkindale and Tanya Ewing co-founded the tech start-up Ewgeco in 2007 to design and take to market the Ewgeco energy monitor concept. The product was designed to make energy consumption visible in an intuitive way, so that energy users could see immediately when they are using too much electricity, water and gas and take action to reduce their bills. Ken designed the product and led a multi-disciplined team (of product designers, UI designers, mechanical, electronics, software and firmware engineers and production specialists) to develop the product system and launch the first mass produced Ewgeco in 2009. The product and company were widely acclaimed and won praise and multiple awards. The co-founders grew the company over the subsequent 4 years, developing the product system to include a web application and mobile application and raising multiple rounds of funding from Archangels investment syndicate in Edinburgh and Scottish Enterprise. 

LCD technology and costs changed dramatically between 2007-2013, as did the market for web services and mobile applications (the iPhone was launched while we were developing our first product). We developed our second generation device and services to capitalise on the new markets which became available, launching our energy manager web service in 2011 and mobile app in 2012.

Ewgeco generation 1 - launched 2009

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