Work in Progress : Paramedic equipment

Productworks is working with A&E consultants to develop an innovative device which radically improves patient handling and comfort. The project combines our experience in designing medical and healthcare devices with our user centred design thinking approach, depth of manufacturing and materials knowledge and aesthetic sensibility.

Over the past 18 months we have worked together with the inventors to prototype and develop their initial idea through an iterative process of design, prototyping and refinement. The team reviews and evaluates prototypes together, making modifications and capturing design changes. Productworks implements the design changes and builds updated prototypes which are evaluated and modified with the team again. Refined prototypes are evaluated with a wider group of end users and feedback sought. This process captures multiple inputs from a variety of stakeholders before investing in detailed engineering for manufacture .


Productworks has sought to incorporate materials and production processes that have the the lowest possible environmental impact whilst delivering the required functional performance and cost targets. We have so far created around 10 design/prototype iterations.

Anticipated launch 2020.

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