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190903 Drown Audio Assembly.108A.png
190730 Drown Audio Assembly - Grey Seal.

Drown Audio : Tactile earphones

Drown Audio have invented a new way to deliver sound. Through a combination of acoustic waveguide geometry and bone conduction their new earphones produce a listening experience that feels like live 3D sound. The initial market for the technology is competitive video gamers, where the 3D immersive sound provides greater positional awareness than any other earphones, improving accuracy and decision making. The silicone seal also provides excellent sound isolation from external noise.

Productworks began working with Drown in late 2018 when we started looking at how to turn their hand made prototypes into a precision engineered product design for mass production. We created the industrial design and developed a product architecture to accomodate the internal horn cavity, dynamic speaker, boom mic connection and interchangeable silicone ear seals. We worked closely with the team to prototype and evaluate multiple iterations of the design. Alpha prototypes were taken to major gaming conventions around the world and feedback from gamers has been very positive. 

Soft launch August 2019.

Drown no seal.jpg
190903 Drown Audio Assembly.107A.png
190730 Drown Audio Assembly - Grey Seal.
190903 Drown Audio Assembly.109.png
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