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Skoogmusic : Skoog 2

Although the new Skoog 2 shares similar geometry with the original, the proportions, colours and shape were subtly altered to create a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing form. It is designed around completely new electronics hardware and materials and required an innovative design for assembly and manufacture. The tactile response of the soft top of the device is critical to the user experience and instrument sensitivity and we worked closely with the Skoogmusic team, materials specialists and manufacturers to develop a design solution that delivers the right combination of tactile feedback, robustness, aesthetics and quality. 

We managed the tool making and moulding of the base components with UK suppliers and worked with manufacturers in the UK and China to develop a new mass production process for the soft foam/rubber top. 

Following the success of the Skoog 2, Productworks was then commissioned to help design Skoogmusic's Skwitch device.

Launched 2016.

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